2018-2019 winners were announced at the SCSTMA Annual Business Meeting
​on December 4, 2018.

SCSTMA Member Dependent Scholarship Winner ($1,000)

Savannah Allen, daughter of Marc Allen
USC, Biological Sciences major, Freshman

Sports Turf Major Scholarship Winner ($2,000)

Ryan Nagy, Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Greg Burgess presents Tee Stoudemayor with a $1,000 scholarship award.

2020 Scholarship Winners

▪︎ SCSTMA Founders Scholarship - $2000 
​Andrew Zilkofski, Horry-Georgetown Technical College

​▪︎ Cody Bryant Scholarship- $1000
Will McAllister, Clemson University

▪︎ SCSTMA Dependent Scholarship- $1000
Camryn Cox, daughter of chapter member Clark Cox

2019-2020 Winners

The SCSTMA is again offering scholarships in 2022 thanks to our many Partners/Sponsors.  To our students of the various turfgrass programs and members who may have dependents that qualify, we encourage you all to apply. The scholarship application cover letter provides details. Application deadline is November 18, 2022.

There are 3 scholarships available:

Founders Scholarship                  $2000

Cody Bryant Scholarship             $1000

Dependent Scholarship                $1000

SCSTMA Scholarships

$2,000 - Josh Weaver 
Josh is pursuing his PhD in Plant & Environmental Science with emphasis in Turfgrass. His recent research focuses on biostimulants and their effects on thatch reduction and turfgrass rooting depth.

$1,000 - Timothy "Tee" Stoudemayor
Tee has a BS in Turfgrass Science from Clemson and is currently pursuing his MS at Clemson. He is researching the effects of biostimulants in the industry and if in fact they can reduce OM/thatch. 

$1,000 Dependent - Savannah Allen
Daughter of Marc Allen - Savannah is in Honors College at University of South Carolina majoring in Biological Sciences. She is a pre-med student.

Greg Burgess presents Josh Weaver with a $2,000 scholarship award.

Past Winners